WeP BP JOY Platina


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Prints 2000 bills /day
Gives daily, monthly, yearly and item wise sales report
Continuous Weighing scale Connectivity
Dat and firmware downloading through USB device
Calculator Report
30 keys and 26 hot keys
USB interface

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WeP BP JOY Platina Retail Billing Printers India's largest selling Retail Billing Printers compact advanced billing printer Thermal printer > small work-spaces USB interface Grocery stores Restaurants Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Bill Sweet Shops Bars/Wine Shop Wholesale shops Tax Collection Garment / Footwear Store manage Data & features

Introducing WeP BP JOY Platina Billing Printer in WePs Retail Billing Printers category. WeP BP-85T PLUS comes with the feature of Weighing Scale Connectivity and Data transfer from PC to billing printer and from billing printer to PC using pendrive. WeP BP range is India's largest selling billing printer with more than 80000+ Installations and still growing at an unbelievably fast pace. Our happy customers include Grocery Outlets, Bakeries, Hotels, Sweet Outlets etc.


Model WeP BP JOY Platina
Print Method Thermal line printing
Print Speed 40 mm/sec
Paper width 80 mm
Paper Roll Size Max Dia 75 mm
Print width 72 mm
Types of paper Thermal rolls, Heat sensitive face outside
Sensors Paper out & cover open
Paper Thickness 0.06-01.mm
Power supply DC 8.8V,2.6 A


  1. Stores upto 2000 items
  2. Prints 2000 bills/ day
  3. 250 Items in a single bill
  4. USB interface
  5. Forward and Reverse Tax
  6. 3 Rate slabs
  7. Generates 20 types of reports
  8. Generates more than 300 bills on battery
  9. Provision to include GST and discount